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UWC Congress 2016

The UWC Congress is the biggest UWC event happening every 3-6 years and brings together members from across UWC - current students, alums, current and former staff from all UWC schools and colleges, national committee volunteers, governors, donors - alongside friends and supporters of the UWC movement.

The UWC Congress 2016 took place on 28th and 29th October in Trieste, Italy, and saw the participation of 650 UWC members from all over the world. Inspired by the words “Connect, Challenge, Celebrate”, the UWC Congress represented two days of celebration, challenging discussions and connecting and reconnecting with new and old friends, and the UWC mission and values. The programme included more than 60 sessions along four thematic streams: Education, National Committees, Engagement & Outreach and Growth & Financial Sustainability. Participants reflected about the role of diversity and education in today’s world, discussed key issues and questions UWC is facing today, including challenges and opportunities for the movement, and fed into relevant parts of the next UWC strategy. 

To see the pictures of the UWC Congress 2016, click here.  You can watch again the sessions that were livestreamed at the UWC Congress 2016 here.


UWC Day is an annual reminder and celebration of all that's positive about being part of the UWC community. On the same day, people from across the UWC community participate in activities all around the world, ranging from large organised events to small reunions with fellow UWCers. In 2016, the UWC movement will celbrate UWC Day on 21st September: stay tuned for more information! And if you are organizing a UWC Day event, send us details and a description of the event, together with a picture, and we will post it in this section of the website. 

UWC Day events

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