UWC is a life-long experience

As alumni, we want you to feel connected to UWC wherever you are. Find out more about activities taking place across the global alumni network.

UWC is a life-long experience

“City of Thorns: Nine Lives in the World's Largest Refugee Camp”

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UWC is a life-long experience

Your time at a UWC school or college is just the beginning of being part of a strong global community of alumni with shared values and commitment to the UWC mission.
We provide ways to facilitate engagement to produce connections, collaborations and initiatives that can enable our community to be a true force for creating a peaceful and sustainable future.
Find out more about our global engagement initiatives here.

The UWC Hub

Exciting news: the UWC Hub App is now available to download for iOS and Android devices! Please find further details below.

The UWC Hub is a web platform and mobile app that brings together the UWC community around the world to connect with each other and stay up to date with the many activities happening across the UWC movement.  The UWC Hub is open to alumni from all all over the world, as well as staff and former staff from all UWC schools and colleges.

The UWC Hub can:

  • Enable users to find each other according to their location, profession and UWC affiliations

  • Facilitate social and professional connections, including mentoring  

  • Act as a ‘one stop shop’ where users can find and post events, volunteer and job opportunities and initiatives, bringing in and linking out to existing channels, including social media

  • Enable you to discover what’s new with your UWC school/college and your national committee, including upcoming events and opportunities for engagement

  • Facilitate collaborations on projects and causes, through providing a space and allowing users to indicate their skills and seek or offer help

  • Serve as a safe space for discussions with others, which can either be private or open to the wider community

Access the UWC Hub today:


UWCx is a new way for UWC to recognise and support initiatives that further the UWC mission. Such initiatives could be many different things: running an alumni group in your city, a global interest group or organising a one off event. Anyone can run a UWCx initiative – whether you’re an alumnus, staff member, parent, volunteer or a friend of UWC. 

UWC recognises that a UWC education is not an end in itself but a means to an end. We value the great commitment of the UWC community to service, innovation and outreach activities around the UWC mission. UWCx aims to encourage this commitment even more - and to provide a tool to recognise, support, connect and publicise initiatives that make UWC a movement for a peaceful and sustainable future. UWC’s reach and impact can be exponential, and UWCx will be a key way of making this a reality.

New UWC Resource Folder

The UWC Extranet is no longer available. All documents and resources that were available on the Extranet have been moved to Google, into a new UWC Resource folder. Should you wish to be granted access to it, please contact info@uwc.org.


UWC Day is the annual global celebration of the UWC mission and values. This year, UWC Day is celebrated on 21 September 2016 and, as the UWC Congress 2016, it is inspired by the slogan "Connect - Challenge - Celebrate".

There are many exciting events happening around the world on and around the day and we hope you will be able to get involved! For the full list of events click here

Find or organise an event...

9th October 2016,

On 9 October 2016, students from UWC Atlantic College celebrated...

30th September 2016,

The United World Club seeks to commemorate Peace Day 2016 through a variety of events that will...

25th September 2016, San Francisco

It's UWC Day again! Come to Dolores Park to celebrate the UWC community and mission, make...