Schools like no other

UWC schools and colleges deliver a challenging and transformational education to more than 9,000 students each year.

Schools like no other

Our schools and colleges

UWC’s 17 schools and colleges deliver a challenging and transformational education to nearly 8,000 students each year.

Each of our schools and colleges has a distinct character and identity. This is influenced by their locality in either urban or rural settings and each reflects cultural elements of its host community. But what makes each school or college special is the student body whose diversity makes it a unique place of learning.

While our schools or colleges accept students from many countries, they also welcome a significant number of students from their host country. But one thing they all share is the UWC values.





UWC ISAK Japan (formerly International School of Asia, Karuizawa) is located in a beautiful resort town in Nagano Pre

Democratic Republic of Congo

National Committee of the Democratic Republic of Congo

UWC Thailand

Founded as Phuket International Academy in 2009 and approved to become the 16th UWC worldwide starting August


National Committee of Korea 



UWC Changshu China

Founded in 2015 as the only UWC college in mainland China.


National Committee of Zimbabwe