A new way for UWC to recognise and support initiatives that further the UWC mission


What is UWCx?

UWCx is a new way for UWC to recognise and support initiatives that further the UWC mission. Such initiatives could be many different things: running an alumni group in your city, a global interest group or organising a one off event. Anyone can run a UWCx initiative – whether you’re an alumnus, staff member, parent, volunteer or a friend of UWC.

Why UWCx?

UWC recognises that a UWC education is not an end in itself but a means to an end. We value the great commitment of the UWC community to service, innovation and outreach activities around the UWC mission.
UWCx aims to encourage this commitment even more -- and to provide a tool to recognise, support, connect and publicise initiatives that make UWC a movement for a peaceful and sustainable future. UWC’s reach and impact can be exponential, and UWCx will be a key way of making this a reality.

Why is UWCx separate from UWC?

Traditionally, there has been no way for UWC to endorse and support initiatives run by members of the UWC community wanting to use the UWC name and brand. We wanted to find a way to provide endorsement, while indicating that these activities needed their own identity that is separate from the institutionalised stakeholders within UWC, such as UWC schools, colleges and national committees.
We also want to provide a way for people to distinguish between initiatives run by members of the UWC community.  By creating a new category of activities, we wish to highlight that community-driven initiatives are at the core of living the UWC values. We want to enable the initiators of these projects to be able to align with the UWC brand in a way to increase visibility while ensuring that UWC communications stay consistent and coherent.

What counts as a UWCx initiative?

UWCx  covers community driven initiatives taking place across the UWC movement. These will typically fall into several categories:

  • Local groups that are based in cities or universities, for example UWC New York or the UWC Cornell Group
  • Large scale events, such as the UWC Forum
  • Activities and projects, such as Go Make A Difference or Critical Engagement

You can look at the UWCx criteria to see if your initiative would fit the approval criteria.

If I set up a new UWC Facebook group or a meet up with UWC friends, does it have to become a UWCx initiative?

No. Of course informal social meetups and groups can and should exist independently. We recognise there are many existing groups and channels that may not wish to become UWCx groups. However, if you are setting up an initiative that is larger scale and you wish to make use of a visual affiliation to the UWC brand or you would like your initiative to be recognised and promoted by UWC, then you should apply for UWCx status.

What rights do UWCx initiatives have?

  1. Brand - UWCx initiatives will be able to use the UWCx category of the brand
  2. Promotion - initiatives will be able to publicise themselves as a UWCx initiative, endorsed by UWC
  3. Support from UWC - as detailed below  

What support will UWCx initiatives receive from UWC?

  1. Outreach - support with reaching out to the UWC community to share the initiative in order to network and to recruit interested participants
  2. ‘Hosting support’ - for example, UWC constituents (in particular schools and colleges) with capacity may host/provide working space for community initiatives
  3. Advice and best practice sharing - will be facilitated among UWCx initiatives, promoting a culture in which organisers can connect with each other and share ideas
  4. Support with use of brand - all initiatives will be provided with advice around using the UWCx category of the brand and incorporating appropriate artwork

What responsibilities will UWCx initiatives have?

  1. Criteria - UWCx initiatives will need to fulfil the UWCx criteria in order to be accredited
  2. Once approved, comply with certain administrative steps, including adding your initiative to UWC’s online platform, the UWC Hub and providing a one page impact summary on a yearly basis
  3. Use the UWCx category of the brand correctly, according to the brand guidelines

How do you become a UWCx initiative?

  1. Read through the UWCx Criteria
  2. Fill out the UWCx Accreditation Form and supply any extra information needed.
  3. Submit your request for accreditation to the UWC International Office
  4. The UWC International Office will consider your application on the basis of the UWCx criteria, and, as the case may be, will invite you to submit additional information or clarify points further. Where appropriate, the UWC International Office may also involve the Community Engagement Committee (CEC) of the UWC International Board.
  5. We will confirm whether your initiative has been approved and will communicate feedback on your application. In cases where initiatives do not receive approval, UWC International will be transparent as to reasons why and will offer advice on how the initiative could be further developed to meet the criteria for approval.

What about community initiatives run by schools, colleges and national committees?

Initiatives run by UWC schools, colleges and national committees already operate under the UWC brand, so these will automatically be considered as UWC initiatives. There is a separate accreditation process for UWC short courses, which provide short educational programmes and courses for 14-20 year olds.