The online space for the UWC community


What is the UWC Hub?

The UWC Hub is a web platform and mobile app that brings together the UWC community around the world to connect with each other, stay up to date with the many activities happening across the UWC movement, collaborate on projects and causes, discuss and share. The overall aim of the UWC Hub is to strengthen the UWC community, to encourage engagement and positive action, to increase UWC’s collective impact and advance the UWC mission.

Who can join the UWC Hub?

UWC alumni, staff and former staff from all UWC schools and colleges are the first users of the UWC Hub. Non-alumni volunteers and short course alumni will also be able to join the UWC Hub at a later stage.

How can I sign up to the web version?

  • Automatic verification: if you are a UWC alumnus, or a current or former member of staff, you will have received an email from your school or college inviting you to join the UWC Hub, with a personal link that allows you to be automatically verified. Simply follow the link and sign up.

  • Manual sign up: you can sign up directly on the website - but we will need to verify you to make sure you are part of the UWC community, so it may take a little longer.

How can I download the app?

The app versions of the UWC Hub officially launched in February 2017. The app allows you to carry the UWC community in your pocket with you and has a more advanced geo-location feature, which shows people who are nearby and which changes as you move, so we encourage you to use the app while traveling.

If you have NOT yet signed up for the UWC Hub web version:

  • For the best user experience, please create an account on the web version of the UWC Hub first, by going to:

  • Go through the steps as prompted.

  • Find the UWC Hub app in the  App store (for iPhone) or the Google Play store (for Android).

  • Download the app and use your login and password from the web platform to sign in.

  • Happy Hubbing!

If you have already signed up for the web version of the UWC Hub:

  • Find the UWC Hub app in the App store (for iPhone) or the Google Play store (for Android).

  • Download the app and use your login and password from the web platform to sign in.

  • Happy Hubbing!

If you experience any difficulties setting up your account, please contact engagement@uwcio.uwc.org

I’ve set up an account, how can I log back in?

You can login via this link: https://uwc.vineup.com. You might want to mark this as a favourite on your browser so that you can come back to it easily.

I’m a current UWC student - can I join the UWC Hub?

Due to child protection regulation and according legal frameworks in some countries, users of the UWC Hub must be aged 18 or over. As most UWC students are under 18, this means unfortunately you are not be able to join. However, you will be able to join when you graduate - provided of course that you are then over 18.

What can I do on the UWC Hub?

Many things! Here is a list of some of the core functions, although there are definitely more:

  • Volunteer and seek out opportunities to support community initiatives and/or UWC entities

  • Search and message people based on their location, profession, interests, educational background

  • Find or offer a couch for the night

  • See people nearby as you travel, using geolocation on the app

  • Create and join groups and initiatives - according to your location, UWC affiliations or interests

  • Create spaces for robust discussions

  • Find out about events organised by your UWC school/college or near you - or promote your own event

  • Offer your skills to initiatives started by others, or to a school/college/ national committee

  • Act as a mentor or request mentorship from others

  • Post and find volunteer opportunities, jobs and internships

  • Add and find useful resources, including articles, TED talks and UWC resources

  • Link out to existing social media groups or pages

  • Specify areas of your expertise and find others according to their expertise and skills

What is the purpose of the UWC Hub?

The overall aim of the UWC Hub is to strengthen the UWC community, to encourage engagement and positive action, to increase UWC’s collective impact and advance the UWC mission.

The UWC Hub does this in five main ways:  

  • Enable users to find each other according to their location, profession and UWC affiliations

  • Facilitate social and professional connections, including mentoring  

  • Act as a ‘one stop shop’ where users can find and post events, volunteer and job opportunities and initiatives, bringing in and linking out to existing channels, including social media

  • Enable you to discover what’s new with your UWC school/college and your national committee, including upcoming events and opportunities for engagement

  • Facilitate collaborations on projects and causes, through providing a space and allowing users to indicate their skills and seek or offer help

  • Serve as a safe space for discussions with others, which can either be private or open to the wider community

Why have you created another platform? Are you trying to replace Facebook?

The UWC Hub is designed to complement existing social media platforms, not to replace them. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are fantastic tools for creating engaging activity. But on social media it’s hard to search for people based on their UWC allegiances, professions and interests and their willingness to help and volunteer. With so many events and activities taking place across the movement, it can also be hard to get an idea of what’s going on. . The UWC Hub brings that information together in a dedicated space for the UWC community, allowing people to find out what’s going on more easily and creating a safe space for robust discussions.

We have ensured that the platform is as integrated as possible with social media platforms:  

  • You can choose to log in through LinkedIn or Facebook, which means you do not have to populate an entirely new profile or remember a new password

  • In the ‘groups’ section, you can link to Facebook pages and groups.

  • In the ‘events’ section, you can link out to Facebook events

  • When posting content, you can either post within the UWC Hub or you can use the UWC Hub as a way of finding groups on Facebook, or both.

How will the personal data I submit to the UWC Hub be used?

When you register for the UWC Hub, you will be asked to agree to UWC International’s Data Privacy Statement. You will see that UWC is very concerned about protecting your data and making the UWC Hub a safe space. The statement sets out clearly what data will be collected, how it will be used and how we will protect it. You can find the full UWC Hub Privacy Statement here.

Is your question still unanswered?

If you still have a burning question, please contact us on engagement@uwcio.uwc.org.