Donation of $ 1 Million for endowment fund for UWC Mostar

UWC (United World Colleges) International and the UWC Mostar Endowment 'Bridge to the Future' are proud to announce that, with the $1 million donation by Shelby Davis, the endowment has achieved funds totalling EUR 7.5 million. As a result, UWC Mostar will now be able to provide between 30 and 40 additional scholarships to students attending the college.

The Davis-UWC Impact Challenge is an extraordinary gift matching initiative launched by philanthropist Shelby Davis, a long time supporter and friend of UWC. With the launch of the Davis-UWC Impact Challenge, Shelby Davis agreed to match at 100% new gifts to the UWC schools and colleges.

UWC Mostar was founded 11 years ago in a region dominated by the aftermath of war and continuing ethnic divisions. UWC Mostar is one of 16 UWC schools and colleges worldwide which are all joined by one shared mission: to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. UWC offers a challenging educational experience to a deliberately diverse group of young people who are selected by UWC’s national committees exclusively on the basis of demonstrated promise and potential and independent of socio-economic means. UWC education places a high value on experiential learning, community service and outdoor activities, which complement high academic standards delivered through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

Today, UWC Mostar stands as a 'lighthouse' model for post-conflict education and reconciliation. UWC Mostar is the only school in the country whose overriding task is to bring Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs under one roof to study and to live together in peace - alongside a student community from 59 different nations with a special emphasis of selecting students from conflict and post-conflict areas.

For many years, budget constraints have compelled UWC Mostar to survive under very difficult circumstances while providing the exceptional education that is expected from a UWC. In 2013, the UWC Mostar Endowment 'Bridge to the Future' was created to find a long-term solution to these financial challenges. This endowment has successfully secured UWC Mostar's future with the creation of a solid financial foundation. The aim now is to increase the endowment to a total of EUR 20 million within the next three years.

For having reached this important first milestone, UWC would like to express its gratitude to those who have played a decisive role in founding and developing UWC Mostar, among them David Sutcliffe, Valentina Mindoljevic, the current Head of UWC Mostar, and Jasminka Bratic, the current Chair of the College Board. Through their passion, commitment, determination and relentless pursuit to ensure the continued existence of the College, they have allowed UWC Mostar to continue to operate over the past years. Many thanks also go to all other donors who have made significant contributions to UWC Mostar Endowment ‘Bridge to The Future’.