A Group of Alumni Jumping for Joy

Today, on the occasion of the annual UWC Day that celebrates the values and mission of the UWC movement, we are excite

Hannah McKinnon, from Canada, is a UWC Pearson College alum (2000-2002).

Daniel Mittler, from Germany, is a UWC Pearson College alumnus (1990-1992) and a member of the German UWC National Com

“You’re not going to get everything you want right away.

Liv Fünfgeld (UWC Adriatic, 1984-1986) is a General Practitioner and a specialist in musculoskeletal

For many years, Mpaka Refugee Camp has had a special place in the hearts of Waterford students and teacher, who visit the camp three times a year c

With the refugee influx into Europe a recurring headline, it can seem that very little progress has been made in addre

Mohammed Akel, aged 16, is a Palestinian refugee from Lebanon who will soon start to attend UWC Atlantic

In recent years millions of people have fled horrendous war zones and endured treacherous journeys to reach safer land